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Sand Casting – India and Mexico

State-of-the-art facilities.
Diverse product range.

Sand – India and Mexico
  • Manufacturing Capacity
  • Manufacturing Range
  • Design and Engineering
  • Melting
  • Shell Molding
  • No Bake Molding
  • Heat Treatment
  • High Alloy
  • Finishing Cells

Manufacturing Capacity

Matrix can offer a wide range of castings

  • Sand/Shell
  • As cast or machined
  • Single piece weight
    • Sand Foundry – 5 Kgs to 7500 Kgs
  • Metallurgies – Full range of Carbon / Stainless steel, Cr-Ni-Mo alloy steel, Nickel based Alloys &
    Super high alloys
  • Pressure holding high integrity castings with complex geometries

Well supported by robust business processes

  • Foundry engineering services – fab to cast design & Re-engineering of design
  • Simulation by latest version of Magma 5.4 – A standard practice for NPD
  • Ability to handle small and large batch sizes
  • Onsite upgrade & NDE capabilities
    • RT, X ray, MPI, UT, DP, Hardness & Visual testing to meet customized solutions and stringent specifications
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Integrated IT systems

Manufacturing Range

Job Size & Weight Limitations:

Sand Castings

Linear upto 2000 mm
Diameter upto 2000 mm
Maximum Piece Weight 7.5 Tons

Manufacturing Processes

No-bake Processes : Flask/ Flaskless/ Shell

Design and Engineering

In-house magma software for pouring simulation pro engineering for methoding leveraging
engineering capability to
enhance productivity elimination needless process & reduction re-work.


Melting Furnaces:
  • Arc/Induction Furnaces in Mexico and Induction Furnaces in India – various crucible
    sizes thereby allowing flexibility
    in batch quantities
  • Metal Refining Capability (AOD)

Shell Molding

  • Twin molding machines 650 x 750 mm

No Bake Molding

  • Fully automated flask less molding lines with Roll Over, flood coating, Drying Tunnel & Auto Closer
  • Manual Lines for large castings
Continuous Mixer
Continuous Mixer

Roll Over
Roll Over

Flood Coating
Flood Coating

Auto Closer
Auto Closer

Heat Treatment

  • Battery of Heat Treatment Furnaces controlled by state-of-the-art SCADA
    • Capacities from 3 Tons to 10 Tons per Charge
    • Assure precise temperature control
    • Calibrated to the Following Standards
      • API 6D
      • STM A 991
      • AMS 2750 E
  • In-house Water Quenching with Impeller Agitation System
Castings in HT furnace
Castings in HT furnace

Time Temp. Measurement
Time Temp. Measurement

Programmable rate of heating
Programmable rate of heating

Process monitoring
Process monitoring


High Alloy

  • Special Blast for Stainless Steel and High alloys
    • Improved quality and eliminates rust spots caused by iron contamination on
      stainless castings

Finishing Cells

  • Upgrade and Grinding cells

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