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Why MM?

  • We are a company of integrity and passion.
  • We are a company who is leading the industry and embracing opportunities of
    continuous growth.
  • We are a company offering exciting careers that are pushing the foundry industry to the
    next level.
  • We believe people are our greatest assets

Engagement & Recognition

  • We organize monthly/quarterly team building activities and recognize important
    milestones of our employees.
  • We provide constant feedback to inspire and encourage our people for a high level
    of employee morale.

People Development

  • We have a performance management process to help our employees move forward on the
    chosen career path.
  • We have various training courses, development and education programs to promote
    individual success and increase
    overall value to the organization.

Global Commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment

  • We provide a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy and secure, as well as conscious
    of long-term family and community

Join Matrix Metals Team

  • Looking for opportunities at Matrix Metals? Join the leader in our field and become
    part of the Matrix Metals team. We
    want to hear from you!
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